Gearing up for Weber State

The Montana Grizzlies have lost in their last two trips to Ogden, Utah, but today is a little bit of a switch: It is unseasonably warm down here. The forecast calls for 55 degrees at kickoff (1:30 p.m.) and there’s a 10 percent chance of rain. I gotta tell you, it seems to rain every time the Griz play in Ogden, but they may get a break today. I say “may” because you can always get 100 percent of that 10 percent.

I went back and read my pre-story on the Weber State game and there’s something I left out: The Montana Grizzlies give up scads of yards through the air, so I have to think the Wildcats are going to throw more than usual. Mike Hoke doesn’t have the greatest stats this year but a year ago he pretty money accuracy-wise. The Grizzlies’ last three opponents have put up a total of 170 passes. I’d take the under on Hoke throwing 57 times today, but he is going to throw it.

I hope Griz fans enjoyed my feature on Big Sky High product Brett Brauer, Montana’s short-snapper. I sure had a great time writing it. The Wildcats await Jordan Canada, Peter Nguyen, Joey Counts, John Schmaing, Logan Hines, Brock Coyle at the rest. On paper it’s another winnable game for Montana, but we’ve all seen how this season has turned. The Griz need more big plays and fewer mistakes to get back to .500 — and win a second straight game for the first time all season. All this while being short-handed.

- Fritz Neighbor


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