Chasing his dream

Here’s what I was able to cobble together on Chase Reynolds’ signing by the Seattle Seahawks. Situated as I am in the Twitterverse, it was kind of nice to come in after the dust had cleared and figure out the Drummond and Griz standout hadn’t quite signed yet, but was well on his way.

Given the relative lack of youth at the running back position in Seattle, I rate Reynolds’ chances as good to make the team,  provided he’s healthy. Back when Reynolds signed with the Montana Grizzlies, then-coach Bobby Hauck exclaimed he could play either defense or offense: When he carried the ball the other campers couldn’t catch him; and when Reynolds was on defense, Hauck said, he didn’t miss a tackle.

That’s a long way of saying I think Reynolds could excel on special teams.

Hopefully you can and will read it. We’ve started a “Pay Wall” here at the Missoulian, meaning you have to pay if you want to read more than 20 articles a month. Well, trust me, you do. It’s worth it. As I’ve watched the effect the world wide web has had on newspapers over the last decade-plus, I often wondered: When Al Gore was inventing the internet,* why didn’t he invent a way for everyone to pay for it?

-Fritz Neighbor

* He didn’t really say that. But Gore did contribute legislatively to what we call the interwebs.

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