In an unrelated move…

That line jumped out of this story on Griz safety Shann Schillinger signing a four-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons. The story mentions that the Falcons also released Richmond QB Eric Ward, “in an unrelated move.”

Yet every time I read his name — or see him on the cover of the Division I Football Championship program, which he was last December — I see him hauling in that option pass for a TD against the Griz and Schillinger in the 2008 FCS title game.

Ward was undrafted free agent who performed well at the Falcons’ mini camp. His getting released on the same day Schillinger signed is just coincidental, and not a great one at that. Mark Twain being born (in 1835) and dying (in 1910) on the day Halley’s Comet appeared - that’s a great one.

-Fritz Neighbor

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